All UTS student-athletes must submit a Consent Eform in order to participate in tryouts, practices, and/or tournaments. Student-athletes and their parent(s) should read the consent form and Student/Parent Athletic handbook before giving consent.  All game and practice information including class dismiss times, school locations and games times are available at the Athletic Calendar.

 UTS 2019-20  TEAMS
Foundation Teams
note - the dates are approximate.  Coaches will email the students for specific times/dates

Cross Country Running - September and October; Coaches Robin Michel
Basketball - Girls; October and November; Coach Melanie Adler
Volleyball - Boys; October and November; Coach Richard Cook
Indoor Soccer - Boys; September and October; Coach Walter Guerra
Indoor Soccer - Girls; September and October; Coach Walter Guerra
Basketball - Boys; December and January; Coach Jeff Kennedy
Volleyball - Girls; December and January; Coach Katherine Joyce
Swimming - Coed; February and March; Coach Krista Winston and Charlene Wan
Ice Hockey - Coed; February and March; Coach Jeff Kennedy
Table Tennis - Coed; Febraury and March; Coach Mary Hall
Outdoor Soccer - Boys - April and May; Coach Walter Guerra
Outdoor Soccer - Girls - April and May; Coach Robert Kennedy
Track and Field - Coed - May and June; Coach Virginia Ki

High School Teams

Fall Season 
Cross Country Running - Coach Robin Michel
Field Hockey - Girls; Coach Shannon Clancy and Jeff Kennedy
Volleyball Varsity - Boys; Coach Mark Laidman
Basketball Varsity - Girls; Coach Virginia Ki
Tennis Varsity - Coed; Coach Mary Hall
Soccer Jr. Varsity (M3 andM4) - Boys; Coach Walter Guerra

Winter Season
Alpine Ski and Snowboard - Coed; Coach Garth Chalmers and Robin Michel
Basketball Varsity - Boys; Coach Neuton Watson
Basketball Bantam - Boys; Coach Jeff Kennedy
Ice Hockey Non-contact Varsity - Coed - Coach Jeff Kennedy
Indoor Soccer Girls - Coach Walter Guerra
Indoor Soccer Boys - Coach Walter Guerra
Swimming Varsity - Coed; Coach Krista Winston and Charlene Wan
Volleyball Varsity - Girls; Coach Garry Kollins
Volleyball Jr. Varsity - Girls; Coach Mark Laidman
Wrestling Varsity - Coed; Coach Mitch Chuvalo and Janet Williamson

Badminton Varsity - Coed; Coach Kris Ewing

Spring Season
Baseball Varsity; Coach Jeff Kennedy
Soccer Varsity - Girls; Coach Walter Guerra
Soccer Varsity - Boys; Coach Walter Guerra
Tennis -Coed - Coach Mary Hall
Track and Field Varsity - Coed; Coach Virginia Ki



Sport Associations

The High School teams are members of the Toronto District Colleges Athletic Association (TDCAA) and the Foundation teams are members of the Small Schools Athletic Federation (SSAF). 

Contact the Athletic Director, J. Kennedy, if you require further information.  All consent forms are emailed directly from Kevin Brice of the Student Life Office and  must be completed and sent before the first tryout.


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